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We live in a world that is characterized by unrest and troubles Jn. 16:33. The good news is that all-round rest is the ill of God for every of His child in life, and He has made sufficient provisions to make this happen Jn. 10:10; 2Pet. 1:3.

What is Rest?

Rest is a state of freedom from anything that troubles, wearies, or disturbs in life.

This implies a life that is totally free of crisis, worries, troubles, and all that makes life to be a burden and frustrating. Rest does not connote inactivity; rather it is productive activity without any encumbrance.

7-Power Points to All-Round Rest.

  1. Return fully to God and remain there Matt. 11:28; Lk. 15:12-24.

Sin is what takes man away from God, and opens his life to all troubles in life Pro. 28:1; Isa. 48:22; 57:21. The only answer to sin is to acknowledge and confess it, then accept Jesus who can empower a man over sin in life 1Jn. 1:8-9; Matt. 1:21. When the sin issue is truly resolved in a life, all-round rest becomes the experience of the individual.

  • Seek to learn what it takes to enjoy all-round rest Matt. 11:28-29; Isa. 5:13.

Scriptures make us to understand that there are the yokes of God the believer must bear for him to experience rest in life. These are things each one must go on a search to discover and embrace. Remember, what you don’t know you don’t know. What you can’t learn, you won’t know. And what you don’t know, you will suffer it. Therefore, any area of unrest shows where you need to go and search out what is missing that you are not doing right.

  • Commitment to God’s house Psa. 84:1-4.

The house of God is a mystery place, with certain forces of the spirit at work there Heb. 12:22-24; Psa. 73:1-2,17. These forces are the secret behind the unusual life of rest and peace those who are committed to it enjoy. Therefore, the more committed the believer is to God’s house, the more restful his life will become.

  • Commitment to serve God 2Chr. 15:12-15; Psa. 34:10; Matt. 6:33.

Serving God is an antidote and cure to all unrest in life. One cannot serve two masters; when one is serving God, one cannot service problem, troubles, crisis at the same Matt. 6:24. But we must understand service is not service except it is an engagement that results in the enlargement of God’s kingdom and growth of the church. And essentially these include; kingdom advancement prayer, soul winning, and establishment of new convert in the faith and church.

  • Commit to walk by faith Heb. 4:1-2,9-12; Psa. 125:1.

When faith comes alive in a believer, he steps into rest in that aspect of life that his faith has come alive. Faith comes by the understanding of God’s word; therefore, we must labor in God’s word to catch faith and step into our desired rest in life. In essence, word lazy believers make themselves to become victims of unrest in life.

  • Commit to speak right words Pro. 18:21; Psa. 34:12-14.

Every believer that desires rest in life must become committed to speak accordingly all the time. Jesus came to live on the earth to show us how to experience heaven here on earth; and in the midst of storm we saw Him declare peace and calm was restored Matt. 8:23-27; Heb. 12:1.

  • Prophetic intervention Hos. 12:13; Isa. 49:26.

Scriptures make us to understand that God will always perform what any of His prophets declare. Therefore, the believer can take advantage of this to enforce all-round rest by receiving whatever the prophet sent to his life declares per time.

In conclusion, no matter the storm on the earth, you can enjoy all-round rest. But it is each one’s choice that will determine his outcome in life. I see the end to every storm that has been raging in your life now!

To anyone reading this that will love to give his/her life to Christ, pray this prayer out loud with me from your heart: “Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. Forgive me my sins; wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe that my sins are forgiven; I’m justified by your blood; I’m born-again; I’m saved; I’m a child of God; I’m free from the power of sin to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for receiving me; thank you Jesus for restoring me; thank you Jesus for saving me.”


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, I make the choice for rest n life, empower me by your Spirit to embrace the yoke of God for my rest Matt. 11:29.
  2. Father in the name of Jesus, I curse every storm in my life now, and I command peace be still from this moment Matt. 8:26.

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