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In the name of Jesus Christ, you are coming under the blessings of God from today!

Receive the blessings of God on your life right now!

By the blessings of God, you are turned into an individual people shall seek after from today!

The way the covenant is working for the commission, it will work for you from now!

By the covenant, you shall be exempted from the hard times of the day!

You shall not experience all the stress others around experience from today!

By the blood, I see the hand of God bring you into the covenant right now!

Just as we read of the story of our covenant fathers, you are the next men will read his story!

Your days of experiencing financial struggle is over finally today!

From today, by the Spirit of God you shall be guided to your blessing!

Every form of financial captivity is destroyed in your life now!

Whatever has tied anyone down is financial pit is broken off your life now!

Grace to walk in the covenant of seedtime and harvest comes on you now!

The grace of God for a committed covenant practitioners is released on your life now!

You shall never know a down time or a broke day again in life!

From this day, financial prosperity shall answer practically in your life!

This shall be your week of supernatural prosperity!