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Whatever has denied your access to your next levels is cursed now!

I therefore decree that your next levels become a reality from this moment!

The grace of God that empowers the believer to walk in divine direction is released on you now!

I decree a new beginning in your life this moment!

The grace at work in the liberation mandate will work expressly in your life from now!

Every long awaited breakthrough you have desired is released now!

When heaven counts the name of those their story shall change, your name shall be boldly there!

When the record of those that their story has changed is taken, yours will be there!

Your hands shall not bury anyone in the remaining part of this year!

The blessing of God rest on your hand from today!

Whatever you do with those hands shall prosper henceforth!

Every negative report about you is cancelled from now!

Every threat on your health and body is over now!

Your week is declared blessed!

Every day of this new week shall bring amazing testimonies to your life!

Everywhere that you appear, doors shall open to you!

Before this new week is over, your next level testimonies are realities!

Whatever you have been pursuing and have not gotten shall be delivered to you!

Where you were rejected, before this week is over they shall call to honor you!