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Before the month end, you are taking delivery of what God can do that you desire!

Before the month is over, your faith shall come alive to make all that God can do happen for you!

All that God made known to you for this year shall be performed without fail!

No matter how contrary the situation, what God has said shall be delivered in your life!

Every prophetic word for the year shall be created into existence by His word in your life!

Before the end of the first quarter of this year, the prophetic word of Fortune 2024 is a reality already for you!

I decree the baptism of the Spirit of faith in your life now!

Receive now the Spirit of faith for the delivery of the prophecy of the year!

I decree the release of grace to stand on the prophetic word until it becomes fulfilled!

Everything the enemy has stolen from your life shall be restored this time!

Whatever you have lost to the enemy in the past for any reason is restored today!

Whatever that you have been looking for; by the restoration mandate of today is found now!

Men shall supernaturally bring everything you have been looking for to you today!

God’s restoration agenda becomes your experience in life from today!

Everyone that has been in a parched land, you are coming into your watered garden now!

Your days of struggle are over, as God brings you out of every ugly situation now!

In the name of Jesus, your restoration is happening by the hand of God now!

In your business, career, and finance, I decree your supernatural restoration now!

In your marriage and family, I decree your supernatural restoration now!

Whatever has been working against your life begin to work in your favor from now!

This will be to you a week of all round restoration!