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From today, I see you going forward in life!

From now, doors are opening to you and you are going forward!

For every stagnation that has kept you on the same spot is terminated now!

Grace that makes a man to be close to and guided by the bible comes on you now!

I command every eye to be spiritually open to see God’s word from today!

From today, you will never know struggle not stagnation again!

I declare the release of the grace for prayer and fasting as your lifestyle on you now!

Where you have missed your step in the past that brought loses, be restored now!

You will never miss your steps in life again!

Before this month is over, you are fully restored in all areas of life!

The plague of misfortune on your life in destroyed now!

Whatever makes life to drag with you is taken off today!

Get ready, fortune becomes the order of the day in your life from today!

Every labor that has resulted in struggle is turned to fortune now by God’s favor!

From today, favor becomes your new name and identity!

This shall be your week of favor that shall bring you into fortune!

Before the week is over, doors shall open to you on every side!

Everything you touch this week shall answer to you without fail!

Everything you have been pursuing after shall be brought to you this week!