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Suddenly, the Spirit of God came with the instruction through the apostle over this commission of “Operation Change of Story”. And he said every local assembly in the Winners family will experience 4-level dimension of church growth!

How can this thing be?

  1. This commission is a highly prophetic church family Amos 3:7.

We have been riding on prophetic wings since the inception of this ministry. This is the secret of the striking happenings this commission has been recording.


i) April 10 202 – 40 exactly today, God gave a list of prophetic agenda for this ministry, which include:

  • It shall be a power-based ministry with signs, wonders and diverse miracles.
    • A global ministry with vibrant churches planted across the nations of the world.
    • The building of a 50,000-seat sanctuary at the base of the ministry.
    • Ministering from one spot and it shall be watched on the screen across the nations of the earth, when the internet technology was yet to be in the market.

To God’s glory, all these prophetic landmarks have come to pass.

ii) May 2 2015 – the Holy Spirit said “I the God of wonder-double is visiting you”. And by this, He made His servant, Bishop David Oyedepo to understand that every local assembly shall be minimum double within seven weeks. To God’s glory, this also came to pass with a number of churches including Faith Tabernacle doubled in attendance.

iii) 2019 – the Holy Spirit gave the instruction to plant 5,000 churches. Also, it came to pass with 5,080 new churches planted in the year 2019.

iv) 2020 – the Holy Spirit again gave the instruction to plant 10,000 churches within the year. To the glory of God 10,400 new churches were planted with Nigeria despite the lock-down of COVID-19.

v) 2021 – the Holy Spirit gave the instruction to double the home-cells number in all local assembly. This also came to pass in a number of our churches, with Faith Tabernacle having 21,000 new cells created within 2021.

Our God specializes in strange works and strange acts Isa. 28:21-22; Lk. 5:26. Serving God and the interest of His kingdom was one of our secrets to moving God for the fulfilment of all the declarations.

2. The prophetic 4-level dimension of growth ordained for this prophetic season is no BIG DEAL for our God Jer. 32:27,17; Deu. 1:11; Gen. 21:1-2.

God multiplied the New Testament church in the upper room 25 times over in one day, and He has not changed Acts 1:14-15; 2:1-6,41; Mal. 3:6. Three essential things to see God give us the 4-level growth within the season are:

     i) Don’t mock the prophetic move Isa. 28:21-22; 2Kgs. 7:1-2,19-20.

     ii) Have faith in God and the prophecy Lk. 1:45; 9:23.

It takes God’s hand to see prophecy fulfilled, and faith will move God’s hand to work 1Kgs. 8:15; Isa. 53:1. Interestingly, it takes the hand of God to experience supernatural church growth Jer. 30:19; Jn. 6:44.

iii) Bible faith is validated by appropriate action Jms. 2:18,26; Mk. 2:5.

In essence, there are things we must do that will proof to God that we truly believe Him and by that move God to deliver the 4-level growth.

3. What is our part both as a church and as individuals?

i) Everyone must renew his prayer altar in praying kingdom advancement prayer for salvation of souls and establishment Isa. 66:7-8.

We are to keep praying for; salvation of souls, establishing of the converts in the faith and the church. God who sees each one in secret will reward us openly Mat. 6:6-10,17-18.

ii) We must rekindle our passion for souls to prove our love for God Jn. 21:15-17; 15:16.

This will place great demand on our time, energy, and resources. This is in pursuing after souls for their salvation, compelling them to Christ for them to be delivered and open up their destiny Lk. 14:17-23; Mk. 3:14.

iii) We must be more committed to see our new converts become established in the faith through their fellowship at all levels Psa. 84:7; Lk. 15:4-7.

This goes with a cost, often we will need to carry them on our shoulders to get them down.

4. What are in all these for me? Pro. 14:23; Heb. 11:6.

  1. Multiplied peace Lk. 10:8; Isa. 52:7.
  2. Multiplied joy Lk. 10:1,17; LK. 15:7,10.
  3. Health and vitality Jn. 15:1-2; Exo. 23:25-26.
  4. Supernatural fruitfulness Exo. 23:25-26; Psa. 127:3.
  5. Supernatural change of story Jn. 15:8; Dan. 12:3.
  6. A food old age Psa. 92:14-15; Exo. 23:25-26.

In conclusion, this is a season for everyone; it is a wave of glory that has come upon us. All it takes for one to partake of the glory is to engage as clearly shown in this teaching. Life doesn’t answer to wishful thinking, but to thinking and working. The good news is that, everyone that engaged wholeheartedly with this agenda to deliver his 12-established souls shall take full delivery of his minimum 4-quantum leaps in this prophetic season.

To anyone reading this that will love to give his/her life to Christ, pray this prayer out loud with me from your heart: “Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. Forgive me my sins; wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe that my sins are forgiven; I’m justified by your blood; I’m born-again; I’m saved; I’m a child of God; I’m free from the power of sin to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for receiving me; thank you Jesus for restoring me; thank you Jesus for


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, I choose to believe in this prophetic season, I receive the grace to fully engage to the end Zch. 4:6-7.
  2. Father in the name of Jesus, the 4-level dimension of church growth for this assembly and 4-quantum change shall be a practical reality 1Kgs. 8:15.

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