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Memory verse:   

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that HE IS A REWARDER OF THEM THAT DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM.”

  • Heb. 11:6.

God commanded Operation Change of Story prophetic season, and we give Him the glory for the success accomplished and great impact on the church 1Ths. 5:24. By this operation we saw God stirred up the heart of members in this assembly for tireless pursuit of the advancement of His kingdom on the prayer altar, soul winning, soul ingathering and establishment Hag. 2:4-9. Also, we witnessed great influx of multitude into the church with massive salvation of souls. From scriptures, we understand that when we engage in advancing God’s kingdom like this, we become entitled to rewards and profits Heb. 11:6. But there is how to position for our rewards to be fully delivered; this is what many believers are ignorant of why they seem to labor for God with no reward to show Psa. 82:5.

Scriptural Responsibilities for full delivery of our rewards.

  1. We must be met rejoicing in the Lord.

A vital requirement for harvest in the kingdom is joy and rejoicing Deu. 28:47-48. The believer stand to lose the rewards due to him from his labor in the kingdom when he loses his joy Joel 1:11-12. The season of rewards must meet the believer rejoicing for him to take full delivery of his rewards. Many believers for ignorance lost their rewards to complaining and murmuring 1Cor. 10:10; Num. 11:1.

  • We must ensure our new converts attend the Believer’s Foundation Classes.

We need to get our converts to abide in God for us to be entitled for the delivery of our rewards Jn. 15:16. This requires that they become entrenched in the rudimentary of faith in and walk with God Psa. 11:3; Heb. 6:1-5. Things like faith in God, new life in Christ, baptisms and the likes; the convert will be thoroughly taken through all of these in the classes, to get him firmly rooted in God.

God does not owe any man, whatever the believer is entitled to is always delivered, and on time Rms. 13:8; Psa. 84:11. Therefore, expect your full reward for your engagement in the just concluded prophetic season.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive grace for correct positioning for the full delivery of my due reward Lk. 12:45-46.


Be clear on what your desire as rewards for your engagement, present them unto God.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

I decree another man shall not take your crown and reward!

Receive now a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of joy and rejoicing on your life!


  • Dcn. Molly 01-06-2022

    Amen and Amen. Thank you Sir

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