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Memory verse:   

“My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.”

  • Psa. 89:34.

The scriptures make us to understand that we belong to a kingdom of rewards Rev. 22:12; 1Cor. 3:8. The rewards of the kingdom make the destiny of man on the earth Pro. 10:22. We have established that serving God is gateway to the kingdom’s reward Exo. 23:25-27. But labor for God is not automatic to rewards, for our labor to deliver rewards we must be consistent in our engagement Gal. 6:9; 1Cor. 15:58. Many start with excitement to labor for God but never see anything after awhile, gets discouraged and stop, missing their reward. A covenant mentality is vital for consistency in service to the point of reward Psa. 89:34.

Covenant mentality that empowers for service of rewards.

  1. Commitment to see souls established in the faith and the church is key to reward.

Our labor must be properly channeled to see souls saved and established both in the faith and the church, this is what secure our reward Jn. 4:35-36; 15:16. The reward is access to realms of divine favor.

  • Commitment to ingathering of souls into the church secures honor from God.

For the believer that desires rewards, labor to see souls gathered into the church to enjoy God’s honor as rewards Pro. 14:28; 1Sam 2:30. Many that labor are weary because they are not exerting themselves to maximize effort Ecc. 10:15.

  • Understand there is expectation of heaven before we are reward.

The scriptures make us to understand that when we meet God’s expectation in our service, our noiseless breakthrough order of testimonies is guaranteed Ecc. 11:3: Dan. 12:3. In essence, when our breakthrough seems not to be forthcoming, we should double in our investment into kingdom service, because the moment we hit the mark of God, there shall be eruption in our lives.

The truth is that nothing can stop our blessing the moment we meet the covenant requirements Jer. 33:20-21. We should therefore renew our commitment to kingdom service until it speaks with undeniable proof in our lives.

Jesus is Lord!


Father, in the name of Jesus, empower me by your Spirit to remain steadfast in my stewardship to the end Acts 1:8.


Appraise your service, and step it up to speed up access to your reward.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Be renewed in your inner man for new level of kingdom stewardship now!

Before this harvest season is over, it will be obvious that you are serving God!

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