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Memory verse:   

“My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.” 

  • Pro 23:26.

One thing that God ask from man is for man to give God his heart Pro. 23:26; Rev. 3:20-21. God wants to be the sole occupant of man’s heart. Scriptures make us to understand that the heart of man is central to his life, and whatever has the occupancy of the heart has the control of the life Pro. 23:7. In essence, when God has the heart, He has the totality of the life. There are two basic ways to know and ascertain that one’s heart is truly given to God, and that God is the sole occupant of one’s heart.

One is money; man’s disposition to money, how and what he spend his money on are clear indicator of his heart Matt. 6:21. The second is time; the value an individual has for time, how and what he spends his time on shows what occupies his heart Eph. 5:16-18; Col. 4:5. In essence, when one’s heart is truly for God, one’s time will be freely at His disposal for His use. In our teachings this week, we shall be studying examples of some kingdom giants in scriptures, how they engaged their time and the impact of this on their lives Heb. 6:12.

Examples of Kingdom Giants who Engaged their Time for God.

  1. Abraham Gen. 12:1-10; 17:9-23; 22:1-18.

Abraham was a business emperor of his days. He had the testimony of God having full control over his time. This is because Abraham would suspend his schedule to obey any commandment God gives him, no matter the loss such action poses and the cost of the obedience. God could interrupt his plan and Abraham would still be prompt and excited in his response. From no identity, Abraham rose to be a trans-generational blessing and personality.

Remember, God is no respecter of persons and He does not change Acts 10:34-35; Mal. 3:6. Therefore, with a heart for God we have the guarantee of making the most of our lives on the earth Matt. 6:32-33. With a heart for God, one is sure to make great marks on the earth Gen. 14:14-17. A heart for God is validated by God having control of our time. I see you emerging another Abraham from this prophetic season.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I choose to give you my whole heart, empower me by your Spirit to prove it by making my time available for you henceforth Col. 4:5.


Conduct a sincere and thorough appraisal of your time now, ascertain who or what has your time and make changes if necessary.

Priestly Blessings.                                                      

Grace to surrender your time to God for His absolute control and use is released on your life now!

As you make your time available to God I see rise another kingdom giant from this day!

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