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Memory verse:   

“For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”

“This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation.”

  • 1Tim. 4:8-9.

We serve the God who is business-minded in His approach to all things Lk. 2:49. Every believer that will maximize the kingdom life received at salvation must be business-like in his lifestyle Mat. 25:16,20-21. By business, we simply mean the mentality of making required investment to be qualified for what is available and provided. In God’s kingdom to which we belong, serving God is the basic investment required to access all the provisions of God for the believer Exo. 23:25-27. The believer therefore need a good understanding of how to serve God profitably Ecc. 10:15; Heb. 12:28.

Understanding the ways to engage in profitable kingdom service.

We have said it that there is a difference between activity in the church and serving God. What are the ways to serve God indeed?

  1. We serve God by looking after the wellbeing of others.

The scriptures teach us that those classified as sheep in God’s kingdom, who are entitled for rewards are those who give themselves to looking after the wellbeing of others especially the less privileged Mat. 25:33-40. Doing good to all men, especially the believers around us is a commandment of scriptures Gal. 6:10; 1Tim. 5:8. This positions the believer for supernatural returns in life Eph. 6:8. A vital one is that it makes the believer not to know lack again Pro. 19:17.


In conclusion, we are not wasting our time and resources taking care of the needy around us, we are making creating a future that is sure Gal. 6:7-10.

Jesus is Lord!


Father, in the name of Jesus, I receive fresh release of grace for steadfastness in kingdom service to my point of profit Zch. 4:7.


Locate the less privileged around you, and commit yourself to make life better for them without announcing it.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

The grace that makes a man selfless comes on your life now!

Many from today will bless God for your life for how you have made them to live!

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