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Memory verse:   

“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”

  • Php. 4:4.

Many believers have taken the virtue of joy as more of mood, when God gave it as one of the vital tools for making our glorious life in Christ become a reality. It takes joy for the believer to maximize the opportunities new birth presents Isa. 12:3. In essence, with joy and rejoicing as the believer’s lifestyle, he is guaranteed to emerge a highflyer that redemption has made him to be Mat. 5:13-14; Hab. 3:17-19. This is why the scriptures command the believer to rejoice no matter the situation in his life Php. 4:4; 1Ths. 5:16. For the believer to maintain a life of joy and rejoicing, he needs to accept the responsibility. It won’t happen and cannot be imparted; joy is a fruit that has to be cultivated Gal. 5:22-23.

Scriptural understanding that helps in cultivating joy.

  1. It takes joy and rejoicing to retain God’s presence.

It is one thing to secure God’s presence, and another to retain and maintain that divine presence. Samson had God’s presence, but failed at retaining it, which led to his doom Jud. 13:24-25; 16:20-21. When joy and rejoicing become the lifestyle of a believer, he retains God’s presence 24/7 Psa. 22:3; Jms. 5:13.

  • Joy and rejoicing commits God to open our prison doors.

God created life with doors, every door lead the individual into the next phase of his life Isa. 45:1-3. When a door refuses to open, the phase becomes a prison to the individual. God’s presence is the key that opens all doors Psa. 24:7-10. God’s presence in secured and retained by joy and rejoicing Hab. 3:17-19; Acts 16:25-30.

  • Beware of being offended in God.

Every time a believer feels God is slow or not doing things well, he is already offended in God. Offence disconnects a blessing from the blessing of God, thereby exposing him to the forces of life for torment Lk. 7:23; 17:1. In essence, offence in God only complicates issues in a believer’s life, run from it.

Every believer is ordained a mountain top personality, as a man to be envied by all Mat. 5:13-15. But he has the responsibility of joy and rejoicing to make this a reality. This is where many in the faith miss it, and the reason why they struggle unnecessarily.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive a fresh baptism of the Spirit of joy and gladness thereby empowering me for the lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise from today Isa. 61:1,3.


Consciously celebrate God for every area and issue of your life hat seems things are not working, or as you desire it.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Whatever the enemy has used to rob you of joy is destroyed now!

The joy of the Lord shall keep swelling in your heart from today, no more down time for you!


  • Pst Marshal O Osabuohien 10-09-2022

    Amen!! Thanks Daddysire for these post (words) of life.

  • Fubara Godson Briggs 10-09-2022

    I receive a fresh baptism of joy n gladness today n always in Jesus’ name, Amen

    • Adewumi Yinka 10-09-2022

      Praise God!!!

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