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Memory verse:   

“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”

  • Php. 4:4.

We have established that joy and rejoicing is a commandment of scriptures to the believer Php. 4:4; 1Ths. 5:16. And that every commandment of God is not for the benefit of God but the believer who will choose to obey Deu. 28:1; 2Tim. 3:16-17. The commandment to rejoice and be joyful has great benefits. One of such is that it grants the believer’s access to the world of revelation and inspiration Psa. 16:11; Isa. 12:3. Joy is a spiritual ventilator that empowers the human mind to connect the spirit for divine information Jms. 5:13; Isa. 30:29-30. And heavenly information is what makes for earthly relevance Gen. 41:16,38-45; Dan. 219-20,30,48. Joy is not a gift that is imparted, but a fruit that demands personal responsibility to build.

Scriptural understanding that helps in cultivating joy.

  1. Choose to be praiseful.

One cannot be joyful and not be praiseful Jms. 5:13. Praise is a choice individuals make, and it is the choice that no matter what the situation, celebrating God is the way to make things turn better and glorious Psa. 67:5-7.

  • Joy and rejoicing Is our covenant way out of every valley of life.

The scriptures make it clear that despite being saved, the believer will still go through the valley at some points in life Psa. 23:4. But many rather that walk through, they remain stuck in the valley. The reason is they refuse to engage in praise, which is the guaranteed way out of every valley Hab. 3:17-19.

  • Beware of murmuring because it destroys.

The natural thing to do when unpleasant and unexpected things in the contrary happen is to complain. But the scriptures make us to understand that complaint, murmuring and grumbling will only make things to be worse and ultimately bring destruction 1Cor. 10:10; Psa. 28:5. In life, you are either rejoicing or complaining, choose to be joyful.

Life is a product of our individual choice, we cannot have experience that is better that the choices we are making Deu. 30:19. The choice to be rejoice and be joyful is the wisdom for a life that will end in greatness and fulfillment.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive a fresh baptism of the Spirit of joy and gladness thereby empowering me for the lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise from today Isa. 61:1,3.


Deal with whatever that makes your heart not to be excited, and cut off from all sources of such.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive the help of the Holy Spirit for the life of joyfulness and rejoicing from today!

I decree nothing shall be strong enough to make your head bowed in sorrow again!

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