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Memory verse:   

“I am sleeping, but my heart is awake; it is the sound of my

 loved one at the door, saying, Be open to me, my sister, my love,

 my dove, my very beautiful one; my head is wet with dew, and my hair with the drops of the night.” 

“I have put off my coat; how may I put it on? My feet are washed; how may I make them unclean?”

“My loved one put his hand on the door, and my heart was moved

 for him.” 

“I got up to let my loved one in; and my hands were dropping with myrrh, and my fingers with liquid myrrh, on the lock of the door.”

“I made the door open to my loved one; but my loved one had taken himself away, and was gone, my soul was feeble when his back was turned on me; I went after him, but I did not come near him; I said his name, but he gave me no answer.”

  • SOS 5:2-6.

We serve the God of times and seasons; every of His acts and doings are timed-tagged on the earth Eccl. 3:1-8. When we understand the times of God and allign, all things become beautiful for us Eccl. 3:11. Therefore, when things seem not to be working in our lives, we should look critically at the question of whether we are aligned to God’s time in our life. In essence, obedience to God’s schedule for one’s life is key to making the most of life on the earth as a child of God Deut. 28:1-13. Often, the believer is doing what is good, but not at the appropriate time as designed by God and this makes the effort not to deliver desired result.

From scriptures we understand that obedience is not enough, the obedience must be prompt for it to deliver the blessing of God SOS. 5:2-7. There are attitude that makes for prompt obedience and response to divine instruction. These have been our study this week. I believe today’s teaching shall open another seal to your life.

The Right Attitude for Prompt Response to Divine Vision.

  1. Instant response.

Everyone that got blessed by divine instruction in scriptures were individuals who responded instantly to the demand of God Hab. 3:1-2. Jehoshaphat took instant steps to seek the help of God and appoint singers, and turned an imminent defeat to surpassing victory 2Chr. 20:1-24.

  • Refuse to delay your response.

Delayed response to any vision or divine instruction leaves one at the risk of eroding the effect of our response SOS 5:2-7. Remember, the manner that we draw to God is how He will draw towards us Jms. 4:8. In essence, when we drag in responding to God, He drags in releasing our blessing. And a drag in receiving blessing makes the heart sick, often leading to outright loss of the blessing Pro. 13:12.

  • Take appropriate steps immediately.

The step or action we put forth immediately an instruction from God comes will show whether our obedience is prompt or not. Our step must be in line with God’s instruction. Hezekiah immediately presented the letter of threat from the Assyria king to God to show his trust in God, this turned the battle in his favor 2Kgs. 19:14-20.

Operation By All Means is a divine instruction, where everyone is commanded to pursue the advancement of God’s kingdom with two-standing souls on or before July 31st 2021. I see grace to fully deliver answer on your life right now.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive the grace for prompt obedience to every of your instruction from today particularly the on-going Operation By All Means Gen. 6:8.


Labor to ensure at least two new people follow you to church tomorrow for the Sunday worship service; pray that they will encounter Christ and be born again.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

God’s hand rest upon your life for prompt response to every of God’s instruction from today!

I see the giant in you emerge before this end of this prophetic season!


  • Christine S. Theophilus 03-07-2021

    Ame and Amen! This is my season…
    More grace daddy.

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