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Memory verse:        

“For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”                               Pro. 23:18.

God’s will is that the believer receive answer to ever prayer he makes Jer. 33:3; Mat. 7:&-8; Jn. 16:23-24. This is a vital secret to experience an enviable life; when prayer will always deliver the expected result. The reason is because everything including the devil will begin to obey the believer in life Mat. 17:20-21. The question then is, why do we have a lot of believer’s prayer not answered? The answer is because God is only committed to deliver what the believer expects Pro. 23:18; 24:10. In essence, expectation is fundamental to seeing answer to prayer. Many believer pray only for praying sake, not really because they expect anything to happen.

The power of expectation in the place of prayer.

  1. The example of Elijah showed that expectation is a must for answered-prayer.

Elijah always had unusual result to his prayers Jms. 5:17-18. His secret was that he always had expectation; we saw this when he prayed and the heaven gave rain 1Kgs. 18:41-44. He proved that he expected rain by sending his servant to go check, and kept checking until he saw the sign.

  1. Expectation is the foundation for prayer that will deliver answer.

Remember, when the foundation is destroyed, efforts made will be unproductive Psa. 11:3. In essence, when our expectation is out of place, answer to our prayer is not in view Jms. 1:6-7.

  1. The evidence of expectation is our thoughts.

What goes on in our thoughts is what shows what we are expecting Pro. 4:23; 23:7. Therefore, we must discipline ourselves to keep thinking the reality of our desired answer, for our prayer to deliver result in reality Dan. 3:10-28.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive the help of the help of the Holy Spirit to always discipline my thoughts and keep it in line with my desired result, until my prayer delivers it Rms. 8:26.


Set your expectation for the eight (8) weeks of Operation Rescue 2024.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive the help of the Holy Spirit for a productive prayer life from today!

You shall never experience prayer failure again from now!

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