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Memory verse:   

“My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.  ”

  • Pro. 23:26.

Our heart is central to our making on the earth Pro. 23:7; 4:23. The heart of a man determines everything about his life; his thoughts Pro. 23:7; his words Matt. 12:34; his actions Ezk. 26:27. These are the three vital determinants of man’s life on the earth Jos. 1:8. Therefore, the only thing God ask for is man’s heart Pro. 23:26. Also, it is the heart that God assesses to determine what He can do in the individual’s life 2Chr. 16:9. Every believer that loves to have the best in life must strive to have a heart that is perfect towards God. This is where many miss it; because the heart cannot be seen physically, they tell you not to bother about what and how they do things with the claim that their heart is after God. This cannot but be a lie of the devil to put such in self-deceit.

Scriptures make us to know that how we make use of our time is a direct reflection of the heart Eph. 5:15-16; Col. 4:5. Whatever our heart is after, our time will be maximally be invested into it. When our heart is truly for God, our time will be available for Him. Therefore, when we don’t seem to have time for God and the things of His kingdom, it only shows that we don’t have a heart for Him. We started to study in our teachings this week men from scriptures who rose from nothing to greatness by giving God their time.

Example of Scriptural Giant made by Engaging their Time for God.

  1. Job.

Job was the greatest man in his days Job. 1:1-3. To become the greatest even in a nation, it demands great level of diligence, discipline, sacrifice in your business. Hence, Job must have been an extremely ‘busy’ man on his job and work. Yet, scriptural record shows us that Job was an accredited servant of God, whom both God and Satan acknowledged as one Job. 1:8-9. This mean that despite the extremely tight schedule Job would have kept in his business, he still had time to pursue after God and the affairs of God’s kingdom. Even when Job has his challenge, he was still tied to God Job 2:10. The end result was that Job broke his own record of greatness, as he became twice of his former status Job 42:10.

Anything that one truly serves will place a demand on one’s time. When our time is not available for God and His kingdom, then we are not serving Him. The good news is that one cannot have time for God without making outstanding marks on the earth Job 1:3.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive a new heart that pants after and the interest of your kingdom Ezk. 26:27.


Draw a schedule or review your old schedule (if you had one), ensure you make out minimum the tithe of your time daily for God.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Every robber of time is cursed in your life now!

The grace of God to be all out for God with our time is released on you afresh now!


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  • PST. Ejiga Jacob Godson 21-09-2021

    God bless you more my Daddy and boss, l am really privileged to have you as an example of life and ministry sir. Thank you sir.

  • DavidPraise 21-09-2021

    Amen .
    Thank You Daddy.

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