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Memory verse:   

“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the

 voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee

 on high above all nations of the earth:”  

“And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou

 shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.”

  • Deut. 28:1-2.

Our understanding is fundamental in determining our experience as children of God Psa. 119:144. Pro. 21:16. We need to seek after and operate with sound understanding of our God and the matters of His kingdom for us to have the best in life Pro. 4:7-9. Among what to understand is that our acceptability in the kingdom is not by our strength and effort, but by the works that Christ has done in His death and resurrection 2Cor. 5:21. But our experience will be determined by our compliance with the principles, rules and laws of the kingdom Deut. 28:1-2; Jn. 2:5. In essence, the blessings of the kingdom will only by accessed by those who will walk in obedience to the instruction and rules of God. 

This is where many get it wrong in their walk with God; they refuse to accept the responsibility of obedience to the demand for their blessings. We started to study this week on what scriptures say that will stir the believer to obedience to God and every of His instruction. I believe this shall be a turning point week for you in your walk with God.

Scriptural Understanding on the Laws of God’s kingdom and our Obedience.

  1. God respond to obedience much more than to prayers 1Sam. 15:22-23; 2Cor. 10:3-6.

It is a traditional belief in Christendom that prayer will answer all things. This means the average believer of today sees prayer as what will make things to happen, but obedience will do much more and without prayer. In essence, the life of obedience to God and the details of His word will put the believer on ‘auto-life’ of glory. This where he will not need to pray before great and glorious things will be happening for him.

A vivid example from scriptures was the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelite. By simple obedience to God’s instruction, the sea gave way to them as they walked through the season dry ground Exo.14:14-15; Psa. 114:1-8. And an attempt by the Egyptians to cross in the same way led to their utter destruction.

In essence, the life of complete obedience will make impossible doors to open to the believer Psa. 114:1-8. And these doors will open of their own accord. But we must understand that there are the general and all-time laws of scripture, and there are specific instruction of God that will come per time. The instruction of Operation By All Means is for this moment, and to such we need to obey while we are within the time frame. I pray this prophetic season will answer with proofs in your life.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to walk in obedience to every instruction of God, thereby invoking the blessings of God on my life like never before Ezk. 36:27.


The prophetic instruction for Operation By All Means is that each person must deliver 2-standing souls before August 1st 2021. Strategize on how you will deliver yours.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive afresh the grace to deliver your expected 2 standing souls this week!

I curse everything that has been weakening your total pursuit of Operation By All Means!

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