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Memory verse:   

“In the multitude of people is the king’s honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince.”

  • Pro. 14:28.

Our God has the nature of repeating His acts Mal. 3:6; Eccl. 1:9. What God has done before is what He will do again, the way and manner He will do it may differ. Therefore, when we see any act of God which He has done that we desire, we can have Him repeat same in our lives. When we discover what they did to move God to do it for them, we simply need to do same and we will see God repeat what He did before in our lives.

We have examples in scriptures of sudden and supernatural increase of the church by the hand of God. Two cities, Lydda and Saron, were turned into the kingdom and added to the church by the healing of Aeneas who was bedridden for eight years Acts 9:34-35. Also, almost the entire city of Antioch was turned into the church within 7-days by the impact of Paul’s message the previous Sabbath Acts 13:44. Therefore, it is more than possible for God to double the attendance of this church next Sunday.

From scriptures, how do we invoke God to do this? We shall take a further study into this in today’s teaching. Be blessed!

The Covenant Forces to Invoke God to Double Church Attendance Suddenly.

  1. We must engage our faith in God that can accomplish any given agenda overnight.

We serve the God of overnight turnaround Ezk. 21:27; Psa. 30:5. We saw God do this in scriptures: Mordecai went to bed as a ‘prisoner of war’ privileged to serve at the palace gate, but woke in the morning to be honored as the next to the king Est. 6:1-10. Also, there was the famine in Samaria so severe that men were buy horses excreta to eat, but God turned it to overflowing abundance overnight 2Kgs. 7:1-2,20. These examples is to stir our faith to believe that it is nothing with God to double the attendance of the church next Sunday!

  • We must refuse to stagger at eh promise of God but remain strong in faith.

We saw the example of Abraham who was of the age 99 years and Sarah 89 already. Yet, Abraham was holding tenaciously to God’s promise of a child to him through Sarah. And because his faith remained strong, Sarah gave birth to Isaac at 90 and Abraham 100 years respectively Rms. 4:16-21.

God who made the earth and all that is within it, finished them within  6-days, and have not needed a review or upgrade since will not have a challenge to double the attendance of this church within 7-days. Therefore, I strongly believe the dramatic increase of this church to double her attendance is none negotiable next Sunday.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, give us all heathen across the city of Calabar as you draw them with your hand into this assembly to meet with Christ come next Sunday, thereby fulfilling the prophetic word of double attendance come Sunday Psa. 2:8.


As a proof of faith in God, get at least a new soul for Christ and take to Church with you on Sunday.

Priestly Blessings.                                                      

I decree the release of the Spirit of obedience on your life now like never before!               

The rewards of obedience shall show with amazing testimonies in your life from today!


  • Ekanem, E 14-04-2021

    It is done in Jesus Name Amen

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