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Memory verse:   

“In the multitude of people is the king’s honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince.”

  • Pro. 14:28.

The church of Jesus Christ is ordained to be a church of great multitude, especially in the last days that we are in already Isa. 2:2-3; Mic. 4:1-3. Scriptures make us to understand that God is the ultimate builder of His church Heb. 13:4; Matt. 16:18. This means that the growth of the church depends on God at work. We understand also from scriptures that we serve the God of strange works and strange acts, who is not limited by time and space in making things happen on the earth Isa. 28:22, 66:7-8; 2Pet. 3:8. This is why we said it is not an issue with God to double the attendance of this church within this week.

To get God at work, we need to understand the relevant kingdom forces to engage. When we do, we commit God to deliver the double attendance growth within this week. These forces are the focus of our teaching this week, and I trust God that the prophetic word for the season shall not fail.

The Covenant Forces to Invoke God to Double Church Attendance Suddenly.

  1. We must engage our faith in God that can make anything happen in one day.

With God all things are possible, but our faith defines what becomes possible in reality Mk. 10:27; 9:23. We see in scriptures how God has made great things to happen in one day. He brought the ‘church in the wilderness’, a church approximated to be three million people, into existence in one day Acts 7:38; Exo. 12:41-42. He increased the early church in Acts of the Apostles from 120 to 3,120 in one day Acts 2:1-6,37-41. These examples show us that God can do it again, and He will do it in our midst this week Mal. 3:6.

  • We must pursue the vision believing.

Faith is not a dormant, static force, rather faith is an active and driving force. In essence, faith puts the believer on the drive in pursuit of our goal, as we do what scriptures command for us to take delivery of our testimony. The pursuit of the vision by faith is what guarantee delivery.

To the human mind, the pursuit of double church attendance particularly within a week is like an attempt to pluck a star out the sky. But with God it is no big deal, because supernatural church growth is His will, time is no constrain with Him, we have chosen to believe Him for it and pursue its delivery by faith. Therefore, it is a done-deal!

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, give us all heathen across the city of Calabar as you draw them with your hand into this assembly to meet with Christ come next Sunday, thereby fulfilling the prophetic word of double attendance come Sunday Psa. 2:8.


Sit with the scriptures of God doing great feats of sudden church growth tin one day, and meditate on them throughout today.

Priestly Blessings.                                                      

Grace to keep pursuing after church growth to the point of your reward is released on you now!

In this last week of the on-going prophetic season, the fullness of your package shall be delivered!

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