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Memory verse:   

“And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”

  • Rev. 22:12.

We understand from scriptures that knowledge is vital in determining the experience of each person Hos. 4:6; Isa. 5:13. In essence, what one does not know is what one will suffer from. We need to understand that the blessing of God, also referred to as God’s reward, is what makes for a glorious and great life Pro. 10;22; Gen. 12:3. And the access to God’s reward is by producing result Rev. 22:12; 1Cor. 3:8. Therefore, our obedience or disobedience to the demands of God for generating result is what defines the outcome of our life Mat. 21:28-31; Deu. 30:19.

Essential approach to make our labor deliver God’s reward.

  1. Every believer has a ministry of reconciliation.

Every believer is called into the task of reconciling the unsaved back to God 2Cor. 5:17-19; Jn. 15:16. Whatever task God gives a man, he empowers the man to be able to deliver it Jdg. 6:14. In essence, every believer has been empowered by God for the reconciliation of the unsaved.

  1. No one changes class without personally writing the prescribed exam.

In life, one must write and pass the necessary exam before one can be promoted or change class, like it is in school system Gen. 22:1,16-18; 1Pet. 1:17. In life, the result expected per time is the exam one must pass to move to the next level.

  1. God does not promote groups, He promotes individuals.

In the school system, everyone is the class is taught at same time and sits for the exam, but the class is not promoted as a group. The same goes in real life, we are promoted on individual basis, by reason of each one’s result Psa. 75:6-7.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, empower by your Spirit to deliver result to expectation in this on-going prophetic season Acts 1:8.


Reach out and secure new souls for Christ that will follow you to church on Sunday.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive afresh God’s wisdom to deliver the expected result for your life for this season!

I decree your supernatural change of level this time!

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