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Memory verse:   

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life,

 that both thou and thy seed may live:”

  • Deu. 30:19.

The scriptures make us to understand that redemption empowers the believer, under God, to be the sole architect of his destiny Deu. 30:19. At redemption, the power of God is released into the believer, and this gives him direct access to the opportunities that makes for life and godliness Jn. 1:12; 2Pet. 1:3. In essence, after an individual experiences salvation through Christ, God will keep pushing opportunities to his life again and again Deu. 30:19. These will be unannounced, unscheduled, often disguised, and must be personally engaged. The ability to identify these opportunities and the choice to seize them is what determines the lot of each believer in life SOS. 5:1-10. The challenge with many believers is that they ignore these opportunities.

Responsibilities that require individual engagement to realize our great destiny.

  1. Engaging the labor room of prayer as individuals.

The scriptures make us to understand that prayer is a spiritual labor every believer is called to make Lk. 18:1-2; 1Tim. 2:8. It is an investment that has to be done personally, it cannot be done on the behalf of another Mat. 6:6-7. For prayer investment to deliver the amazing profits it offers, it must be focused on kingdom advancement Mat. 6:9-10,33. I think this is one major reason why many believers prayer life seems not to produce; they have exchanged the focus for personal needs. The commitment of the believer to the spiritual labor room of kingdom advancement prayer guarantees his open reward Mat. 6:6; brings him to supernatural dimension of favor Psa. 102:13-15, and secures longevity Lk. 2:37; Exo. 23:25-26.

My discovery in the Christian fold is that many are short-changing themselves by the choices they make, while they keep thinking that someone is behind the undoing of their life. The truth is that everyone is absolutely responsible for whatever becomes of his life, simply by making the right choice and taking up responsibilities.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I accept responsibility over my life and I receive the grace to embrace every demand for the full delivery of every of my inheritance in Christ Acts 20:32.


Make the choice to invest into kingdom advancement prayer from today; doing it as if it is your paid job or source of livelihood.

Priestly Blessings.   

The Spirit of grace and supplication is poured on your life afresh now!

The strength of the Holy Spirit is released into your inner man to keep you going in responding to every opportunity from today!

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