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Memory verse:   

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”

  • Dan. 12:3.

The heartbeat of God is the supernatural growth of His church Mat. 16:18. The church grows by salvation of men and their establishment in the faith and the church Acts 2:41,47. The bible makes us to understand that the will of God is the salvation of all men; God does not desire to see any man perish 2Pet. 3:9; 1Tim. 2:4. The scriptures make us to understand that salvation of souls and church grow is warfare; the powers of darkness that holds men captive must be broken before souls can be saved Lk. 11:21-22; 2Cor. 4:4. In warfare, wisdom is the principal demand for victory and triumph Eccl. 9:14-18; Pro. 21:22. In essence, it is wisdom the believer must engage to see souls saved.

The Power of wisdom in Effective soul winning.

  1. Wisdom empowers the believer to lead many to Christ.

Getting soul saved demands wisdom, access to deeper dimension of wisdom is what will enable the believer to turn many to Christ Rms. 11:33; Mat. 13:54. The more of souls the believer leads to Christ, the more God is pleased with his life and the more of glory he experiences Jn. 15:8. The believer that turns many to Christ is guaranteed to emerge a star Dan. 12:3.

  • One way to gain access to God’s wisdom is through meditation in God’s word.

Every man’s word is the expression of his wisdom. In the same vein, God’s word expresses or contains His wisdom Lk. 11:49. Though God’s word is God’s wisdom, but access to the wisdom is not free. One vital demand is meditation in God’s word Psa. 119:97-100; 1Tim. 4:13,15.

Wisdom is one thing we need to maximize the opportunities that heaven as made available to us in this season of Operation Change of Story. The season offers every believer 4-level dimension of change, but this goes with the demand of 12-established souls. Everyone that desires to take full delivery of the blessing of the season must get into God’s word in meditation, lay hold on wisdom for tuning many to righteousness and put the wisdom to work.                                                                

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus; baptize me with the wisdom that will turn me into an effective soul winner, thereby drafting multitudes into the kingdom and the church from today Jms. 1:5.


Get into scriptures and meditate until you lay hold on the wisdom for massive salvation of souls.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive the release of grace and strength to sit and meditate in God’s word now!

In the remaining weeks of this on-going operation, you shall have the testimony of massive salvation of souls!

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