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Memory verse:   

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”

  • Dan. 12:3.

The scripture speaks of the tribe of Issachar having command over other tribes that were stronger, the secret was their understanding of the times 1Chr. 12:32. The understanding of the time enabled them to know what to do; this made them to have command. Remember, we are in a prophetic season tagged “Operation Change of Story”, our understanding of the season is essential to come in command in life. This season is all about kingdom advancement by winning souls for Christ, with the target of minimum 12-establsihed souls by every winner. The promised blessing for everyone that delivers is 4-levels of change after the order of Joseph in Egypt Psa. 105:20-22. From scriptures, we are made to understand that wisdom is what it takes to be fruitful in soul winning Pro. 11:30; Eccl. 10:15.

The Power of wisdom in Effective soul winning.

  1. The wisdom of God empowers for fruitfulness.

Wisdom is what empowers for fruitfulness in life Mat. 13:54. In essence, an individual’s result in everything in life, including winning of souls, is a function of the wisdom at work in his life. The wisdom of God is unsearchable, we can only get deeper no one can get to the end of it Rms. 11:33; 1Cor. 8:2. In essence, when we access higher or deeper level of God’s wisdom, our level of result in soul winning will increase.

  • One way to access higher wisdom is through the altar of prayer.

The prayer altar essentially is the believer’s access to God’s wisdom Jms. 1:5.-7; Jer. 33:3. It is the wisdom we lay hold on in the place of prayer that delivers the testimonies that we see from the prayer altar.

Therefore, every believer can be an effective and fruitful soul winner. What we need is to engage the prayer altar placing a demand for God’s wisdom for fruitful soul winning engagement and ingathering to the church. I see you being supernaturally fruitful for Christ from today.                                                                         

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus; baptize me with the wisdom that will turn me into an effective soul winner, thereby drafting multitudes into the kingdom and the church from today Jms. 1:5.


Ask for the wisdom to bring a specific number of souls to Christ and the church this week.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive a fresh and higher release of God’s wisdom on your life now!

You shall experience massive salvation of souls through your hand this week, with all appearing in church with you!


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    Impactful sermons

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