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Memory verse:   

“For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”

  • Pro. 23:18.

Whatever we desire of God will take faith to have it delivered in reality Mat. 9:29. The scriptures say God looks into our heart, He wants to see faith, so He can move to deliver what we desire of Him 2Chr. 16:9. What is this faith that God must see? The heart is a place of picture, whatever information that gets to the heart must be turned into picture before it can benefit the individual. So when God looks into the heart, it is the picture He sees that is delivered in reality Gen. 13:14-15. This picture is the expected future the individual can see with his heart; hence faith can said to be the expected picture of the future in the heart when based on God’s word. This means expectation is vital in taking delivery of our miracles and future.

Understanding the power of expectation.

  1. Faith is never late; it can turn any stinking situation around in a moment.

Scriptures make it clear that faith can effect a change to any situation no matter how bad it is, the issue of dead Lazarus for four days is a vivid example of this Jn. 11:21-27,39-40. Therefore, whatever is the situation, expectation will bring about a change without fail.

  • Faith invokes God’s commitment to confirm His word.

We understand that faith will always move God to work to make His word come to pass Mk. 9:23. We have described faith as word-based expectation Heb. 11:1. Hence when expectation is fully on God’s word, God is moved to confirm whatever He has said.

Therefore, as we approach Shiloh 2022 the mountain of change of story, we must keep our expectation strong in God’s word. We must keep speaking the reality of our expectation so as to make the most of what God has prepared for us at Shiloh Mk. 11:23.

Jesus is Lord!


Father, in the name of Jesus, help me by your Spirit to build word-based expectation, thereby positioning me for undeniable turnaround testimonies at Shiloh 2022 Mk. 9:24.


What is the picture of the future in your heart now? Get into God’s word and create the future you will love to experience.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Right now I decree a dramatic change of every rotten situation of your life to glory!

Before Shiloh 2022, you shall have proofs of your change of story!

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