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Memory verse:   

“For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”

Pro 23:18.

God’s kingdom to which new birth has made us citizens is a kingdom of abundant life Jn. 10:10. But faith is the non-optional demand to experience this abundant life of the kingdom Hab. 2:4; Rms. 1:17. From scriptures, faith is defined as the substance of things hoped for, which means things expected Heb. 11:1. Therefore, faith can be said to be word-based expectation. In essence, what the believer needs to maximize his kingdom opportunities and life is a lively expectation that is based on God’s word.

Understanding the power of expectation.

  1. Expectation is key to invoking divine intervention.

Expectation is all that God needs to step into the believer’s affair to deliver all of his desires Pro. 24:13-14. With clear expectation, the believer does not need to ask again, God steps into his situation to make those things he expects happen.

  1. All things become possible when we believe or expect based on God’s word.

From scriptures we understand that all things are possible to him that believes Mk. 9:23. In essence, if one can only have expectation based on the word, and expect to see the expectations become a reality, then it will be so Pro. 23:18.

Therefore, all that we need to make Shiloh 2023 to answer with undeniable testimonies is to keep seeing the reality of our expectations as we get set for it. Remember, what we see is what we are guaranteed to take delivery of in this kingdom Gen. 13:14-15.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, help me by your Spirit to have well defined, word-based expectation for Shiloh 2023 and in my Christian walk from now Jn. 14:26.


Check your expectations for Shiloh 2023 to be spiritual than physical and material.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

This shall be a Shiloh you will live difficult to forget by reason of the impact!

Whatever you identify as an expectation for Shiloh 2023 shall be delivered to you!

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