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Memory verse:     

“Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but

 the labourers are few;”

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

  • Mat. 9:37-38.

The scriptures makes it clear that the growth of the church is not an ambition of a pastor, but a divine mandate Matt. 16:18; Lk. 12:32. It is a mandate that God Himself is committed to and practically involved 1Cor. 3:6. Why then do we have churches struggle with growth? It is simply because of lack of a good understanding of how God works to build His church Eccl. 10:15; Pro. 13:15. From scriptures, we are made to understand that the Holy Spirit is the Lord of the harvest Mat. 9:37-38; Lk. 10:1-2. In essence, He is the one principally at work in the supernatural growth of the church. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was at work and the church erupted in growth from 120 to 3,120 in just one day, which is a growth of 250% Acts 1:15; 2:1-6,41.

In our teachings this week, we shall be studying the operation of the Holy Spirit in effecting church growth and how to invoke Him to work. I therefore trust God, there shall be eruption in the growth of this church beginning with this week.

How the Holy Spirit Operates as the Lord of the harvest for Church Growth.

  1. The Holy Spirit supernaturally drafts multitudes into the church Num. 11:31; Acts 2:4-6.

The Holy Spirit does this principally in two major ways. First, the Holy Spirit through His mighty rushing wind moves on men to gather multitude into the church. Also, through His irresistible sound, the Holy Spirit is able to make multitude to gather into the church Isa. 5:26; Acts 2:2,6. But the church has the responsibility to invoke the Holy Spirit to work, and this is by engaging on the prayer altar Lk. 11:13. In essence, it takes a praying church to experience supernatural church growth by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, we demand for the outpouring and move of the Holy Spirit in a new way in this land begin with this church, resulting in the drafting of every unsaved across the land in to this church come next Sunday Acts 2:6.


Pray Psa. 2:8 for 5 minutes every 4 hours today.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive afresh now the baptism of the Spirit of grace and supplication right now!

Be empowered by the Holy Spirit for a new level of kingdom advancement prayer life!

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