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Memory verse:   

“Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?”

“Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.”                                Jn. 6:28-29.

The scriptures make us to understand that our God is the God of times and season, which means He has a well-defined agenda or task for every season and time Ecc. 3:1-2. When we align with His agenda for the season, the outcome will be a glorious life Ecc. 3:11. The agenda of God for the season 2024 has been made known to us prophetically. This include among others, minimum double the current size of every local assembly, and current number of home cells both in attendance and number on or before the end of the first half of 2o24. How do we see this become accomplished?

How do we accomplish a divine task?

  1. It takes the hand of God to deliver any divine task.

The scriptures instruct that every task given by God will always require His hand to accomplish it 1Kgs. 8:15. Therefore, to see the divine task for this year come to fulfillment, one must understand how to invoke God’s hand to work.

  1. It takes faith to invoke God’s hand to work.

From scriptures, we understand that the hand of God can only be invoked by faith Isa. 53:1; Mat. 9:27-29. In essence, we must get our faith alive to experience God’s hand for the delivery of God’s agenda for the year.

  1. Every divine task draws on divine backing for delivery.

Only God’s presence will make the task He has given to become accomplished 1Ths. 5:24. This is why faith is vital in getting any divine task fulfilled.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, help my faith to become strong enough for the accomplishment of your agenda for this year Mk. 9:24.


Build your faith for the agenda of God for the year, by sitting with God’s word.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Receive the fresh release of the Spirit of faith on your life now!

No word of God for you for this year that shall fail, none shall suffer delay!

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