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The scriptures make to understand that thanksgiving is one thing every man, particularly the believer, must give to God always 2Ths. 2:13; 1Ths. 1:2. When the believer fails to give God thanks, no matter his excuses, he becomes indebted to God, which is not permitted by scripture Rms. 13:8.

Why must we be Thankful?

In essence, what makes thanksgiving a debt that we owe God?

  1. Life is not a right, but a gift.

It was the breath of God released into man (dust) that gave man life Gen. 2:7. In essence, life is a gift not a right, we did nothing to qualify for it from God Jer. 1:5; Gal. 1:15-18. Every time we lay down and could sleep, every time we wake up from sleep, the scriptures make us to understand that God has done what deserves our thanks Psa. 3:5.

  1. Eternal life is not an achievement, it is a gift.

Eternal life changed the story of the believer and gives him the opportunity to enjoy the abundant life Jn. 10:10. Man never did anything to qualify for it, God paid all the price and handed it over to man to enjoy Eph. 2:8; Rms. 6:23.

  1. Success, exploits in the kingdom is not achievements, but engracement.

The scriptures make us to understand that without God, we lack the power to do anything Jn. 15:5. In essence, everything the believer is able to achieve is by reason of grace or divine help he received 1Cor. 15:10; Jn. 3:27.

  1. God is always waiting for us to return and acknowledge His wondrous works in our lives.

God always record His acts in the believer’s life, and expects him to return to acknowledge it Lk. 17:12-19; Isa. 51:11-13. Just like when we fail to pay our bill for electricity we get disconnected, in the same way we are disconnected for more of God’s acts when we fail to pay our debt of thanksgiving Mal. 2:1-3.

  1. For our blessings to be preserved, multiplied and perfected.

Thanksgiving is a mystery of God’s kingdom that makes the believer to experience the promised great life 1Tim. 3:16. Thanking God for what has happened preserves, multiplies, and perfects our blessings Mal. 2:1-3; Jn. 6:6-13; Lk. 17:17-19.

  1. For supernatural turnaround of things in our favor.

This is another dimension of the mystery of thanksgiving. Thanking God for His word in spite of what may be happening turns things around in our favor 1Ths. 5:18; Heb. 10:36.

Virtues Embedded in the Mystery of Thanksgiving.

The reasons many believers don’t experience anything or much from their thanksgiving is because they lack the understanding to expect Hos. 4:6. Where there is no expectation, there will be no delivery Pro. 23:18. What is in thanksgiving for the believer?

  1. Supernatural strength.

Thanksgiving will always impart strength to the believer, and this is what empowers for exploit Psa. 92:1-2,10; Dan. 1:32.

  1. Fresh oil.

Fresh oil is another benefit the believer enjoys from thanksgiving, and this is vital for our lamp to keep burning for Christ Psa. 92:1-2,10; Mat. 25:8.

  • Triumphs in the battles of life.

Thanksgiving empowers the believer for victory in life battles, and this is vital to enjoy the glorious life Psa. 91:1-2,11; 2Cor. 2:14.

  1. Scaling new heights

Through thanksgiving the believer keep scaling new heights, which is required to fulfill destiny Psa. 92:1-2,12; Pro. 4:18.

  1. Fat and flourishing.

Thanksgiving makes the believer to flouring in spite of the hard time Psa. 92:1-2,12,14; 37:18-19.

  1. Fruitfulness even at old age.

Thanksgiving empowers the believer to be able to bear fruit at old age, this makes him to remain relevant Psa. 92:1-2,14.

  • Access to divine presence.

Thanksgiving guarantee divine presence, this is what makes the difference in life; between failure and success, struggle and progress, hardship and enviable life Psa. 100:4; 16:11.

In conclusion, giving thanks places no cost on the believer, but not giving thanks will cost him everything in life. Therefore, the choice for thanksgiving as a lifestyle is the wisdom for the enviable life.

To anyone reading this that will love to give his/her life to Christ, pray this prayer out loud with me from your heart: “Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. Forgive me my sins; wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe that my sins are forgiven; I’m justified by your blood; I’m born-again; I’m saved; I’m a child of God; I’m free from the power of sin to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for receiving me; thank you Jesus for restoring me; thank you Jesus for


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, release the oil of joy for my mourning, and garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that will turn thanksgiving and praise for my way of life 61:3.
  2. Father in the name of Jesus, by my praise change my story supernaturally right now 15:11.

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