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God didn’t create anyone to fail in or struggle through life; remember He is our creator Psa. 100:3. Just like any manufacturer, God has His detailed plan and clear intention for the entire life before He created each person Jer. 1:5; Gal. 1:15-16. This is what is called destiny; God’s pre-determined life for each person on the earth Exo. 23:20. Salvation through Christ is God’s invitation to man to come into the ‘prepared life’ He has for the man Rms. 8:29-30. In essence, being born again turns an individual into a child of destiny Eph. 1:3-5,11; 2:4-9; Rms. 9:10-13.

The Destiny of the Believer in Christ.

The good news is that we all have a common destiny in Christ, what is this destiny?

  1. A mountain-top destiny.

The believer is ordained for the top in whatever aspect or field of life he is found Deu. 28:1,13; Mat. 5:13-14. In essence, an individual is permitted to come to Christ being at the bottom in life, but not permitted to remain at the bottom rather rise to the top in Christ.

  1. An enviable destiny.

The believer is ordained for a life that is to be envied by all as we see in Isaac Gen. 26:12-14; Gal. 4:28. In essence, the believer is not designed to experience a pitiable life, but the life that will command the envy of men.

Remember, salvation is the initiation into pre-destination. Therefore, for the guarantee of experiencing destiny, one must be sure of his salvation.

How do I Know I am Saved?

  1. Through the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit.

The fruit of the Spirit are the evidences that shows the spirit of man is alive or regenerated, which means the man is born again Gal. 5:22-23. There are nine (9) of them, but two of focus today are:

  1. i) Peace that passes all knowledge.

This is the virtue of being at peace, which no man can understand or explain, by reason of the storm they can see raging Isa. 9:6; Php. 4:7.

  1. ii) Longsuffering or patience.

This is the virtue of endurance that makes a man not to give up, but keep pursuit until his desired result is delivered Heb. 6:12; Pro. 28:20.

  1. Through supernatural rescue from the works of the flesh.

A man yet to be born again has his flesh in control of his life, the flesh dies at salvation and the believer is delivered from its control Rms. 7:17-25. Therefore, a vital proof of salvation is when the individual no longer exhibit the works of the flesh. There are nine (9) of them, but the two of focus today are:

  1. i)

This is anything that defiles, pollute or makes unclean in thought, words, or deed Isa. 52:11; 2Cor. 6:17-18.

  1. ii)

This is intense dislike and disgust towards another, which often moves one to inflict pain, hurt or harm on the victim 1Jn. 3:5; Heb. 12:15.

Keys to Realizing our Colorful Destiny in Christ.

The following are the covenant forces to engage in order to experience one’s destiny in Christ.

  1. Be spiritual.

Spirituality means the commitment to walk in the fear of God, thereby giving the believer access to the secrets of God, of importance here is the individual’s destiny in Christ Psa. 25:14. Spirituality is a choice individual’s have to make, backed up with appropriate action Dan. 1:8; 6:4-5,10-23,28.

  1. Engage the Holy Spirit in the quest for understanding.

One’s depth of understanding on God’s pre-destination determines how much of destiny that one will experience Psa. 119:144; Pro. 21:16. The Holy Spirit is vital in gaining access to the understanding of things of the kingdom, because He knows all things and will teach us all Jn. 14:26; 1Cor. 2:9-10,12-14. Therefore, the believer must connect with the Holy Spirit to gain understanding of his destiny in Christ, in order to step into it in reality.

In conclusion, any man that is struggling in life has only made the choice for it Deu. 30:19. God’s provision for all is a glorious destiny, but each one must accept the responsibility and remain committed till it is the reality.

To anyone reading this that will love to give his/her life to Christ, pray this prayer out loud with me from your heart: “Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today. Forgive me my sins; wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe that my sins are forgiven; I’m justified by your blood; I’m born-again; I’m saved; I’m a child of God; I’m free from the power of sin to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for receiving me; thank you Jesus for restoring me; thank you Jesus for


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, every arrangement of hell to make me miss my glorious destiny in Christ is blotted out by the blood of Jesus now 2:14.
  2. Father in the name of Jesus, I receive the grace for the responsibilities for maximizing my glorious destiny in Christ 15:10.


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