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Memory verse:   

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and

 more unto the perfect day.”

  • Pro. 4:18.

One innate desire in every man is to access next levels of blessing, which simply infers continuous promotion. This desire is godly because God’s will for man, particularly His children, is to keep going forward in life Exo. 14:15; Pro. 4:18. But we must understand that there is always the right way to get at one’s desire, even when it is godly. When we understand the right way and follow it, we are guaranteed access to the next levels of blessings per time Isa. 48:17; Pro. 14:12. From scriptures, we have established that thanksgiving and praise will move the believer into the next levels of his life without fail Lk. 17:15-19.

How thanksgiving empowers the believer access to his next levels.

  1. Thanksgiving invokes the release of fresh anointing Psa. 92:1-2,10-11.

The anointing is the secret of our victory as believers over the forces of oppositions in life. With the anointing, oppositions are destroyed without our fighting Isa. 10:27. When we experience a new challenge in life, it is an indication of the need for new level or fresh anointing to handle the challenge. In thanksgiving, new level of anointing is released on the believer, which destroys every force standing against his life thereby giving the believer access to his next level Acts 16:25-26. Many fight unnecessary battles in life; but with thanksgiving one will live as if there are no battles confronting one’s life as fresh anointing will constantly destroy the challenges before one become aware of them.

When an individual fails to give thanks for God’s goodness and acts in his life, it is taken for pride Jer. 13:15-17. Pride has grave consequence in life, this can be avoided by simply being thankful at all times Pro. 16:18.  

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, the spirit of heaviness is cursed in my life now, and celebration of God and His acts become my lifestyle thereby launching me into my new levels by each day from today Isa. 61:3.


Consciously take 5 minutes out in every 4 hours today to thank God profusely for His goodness and blessings in your life.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

Whatever that makes thanksgiving difficult to do is cursed in your life now!

Your head shall always be fresh with the oil of God from today!


  • Christine S. Theophilus 18-12-2021

    Amen and Amen!
    Thank You heavenly Father for EVERYTHING.

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