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Memory verse:   

“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.” 

“Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.”

  • Php. 4:4-5.

The scriptures make us to understand that joy and rejoicing are vital requirements for a fulfilling life on the earth Joel 1:11-12; Isa. 12:3. Every believer who desires to make the most of his new life in Christ must learn how to be joyful, and make it a lifestyle Php. 4:4. The joy of the Lord comes with salvation, thereafter it becomes the responsibility of individual believer to keep himself from joy robbers Psa. 55:12. This is because joy is a prerequisite for a fruitful life Psa. 67:3-7; Isa. 54:1-2. In essence, if the believer will bring forth fruit in the different areas of his life, he must be joyful. When the believer is joyless he will be plagued with bareness in quite a number of, if not all, areas of his life. Therefore, anything that robs the believer of joy has robbed him of his life.

Understanding is fundamental in anything the believer will do well at Psa. 119:144. Therefore, a good understanding of what joy can do, what the believer will enjoy by being joyful, and what it takes to sustain ones joy is vital. We have been taking a look at the power that joyfulness and rejoicing releases on the believer since the week began. In today’s teaching, I see your understanding blossom afresh.

The Power of Joy.

  1. Joy has the capacity for self-multiplication.

Joy is a virtue that has the capacity to grow and multiply anywhere it is found Acts 8:6-8. The more a believer expresses joy, the greater the joy in him becomes. And the greater the joy of the believer, the more he gains access to his inheritance in the kingdom. This is why I believe Apostle Paul instructed the believer to rejoice always Php. 4:4. In essence, don’t wait to feel like rejoicing, a heart-seated gratitude is the believer’s covenant access to real joy!

  • It is what count most with God.

Scriptures make us to understand that the heart of the believer is what God is interested in Pro. 23:26; 1Sam. 16:7. Remember, joy is a virtue of the heart. This goes to say that a heart full of joy is what matter most to God, which will get the believer connected to God for divine intervention Isa. 29:13.

One thing the believer must beware of is the attitude of complaint; it rid the believer of the joy of salvation and run his destiny dry in life Num. 11:1. Complaining provokes the anger of God, and ultimately robs the believer of God’s blessings.  

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, pour on me the oil of joy to keep the joy of the Lord flowing in me always henceforth Psa. 45:7.


Whatever you have complaint over before, give thanks for them all through today. Henceforth, anything that you seem like complaining about, rejoice instead.

Priestly Blessings.                                    

The attitude of complaining is taken off your life now!

As you rejoice in God from now, everything will be working for your good!

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