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Memory verse:   

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his

 heart is not with thee.”

  • Pro 23:7.

The truth says that every believer has a glorious destiny in Christ Zch. 4:1-2; Rms. 8:29-30. Every believer that will realize this destiny of glory must give himself to stewardship or kingdom service Lk. 22:25-27. But one can be serving energetically and may not be experiencing the change unto glory Eccl. 10:15. This is because destiny on the earth largely answers to mentality or the mindset Pro. 23:7; 4:23. This is why we see many that claim to be serving God but experiencing a pitiable life.

This week, we have been exploring the right mind from the scriptures that guarantee profitable stewardship, and actualization of the promised glorious destiny. Be blessed as you go along with me on this study today.

The Right Mind for Fruitful Stewardship.

  1. We must possess a partnership mentality.

For our stewardship to be effective, fruitful and profitable, we must see every engagement in kingdom advancement as being in partnership with God Matt. 28:20; Mk. 16:20. One is not helping the church, the pastor, nor God, rather it is partnership with divinity! In partnership, each one brings to the table his resources and they become available for use and to be enjoyed by members of the partnership. In this divine partnership, the believer makes his time and body available, while God makes all His resources available to the believer. This is why partnership with Christ makes the believer more than a conqueror Rms. 8:31.

Therefore, partnership with Christ empowers our boldness and confidence in stewardship, which will always result in signs, wonders and diverse miracles Acts 4:20; Mk. 16:20. I see each one of us turned to a wonder among men in the on-going ‘Operation who is on the Lord’s Side’ that will entitle us for great rewards.

Jesus is Lord!


Father in the name of Jesus, I receive the help of the Holy Spirit to operate with the mind of Christ thereby making me to command amazing result and reward in this prophetic season 1Cor. 2:16.


Invest intensely on the prayer altar towards the salvation of all your new targets, and their coming to church this Sunday.

Priestly Blessings.

This shall the month of amazing profiting in every area of your life!

I see you bringing forth strange dimension of fruits in your walk with God and stewardship this month!


  • Roselyn Ayang 01-04-2021

    Amen🙏. Happy New Month Daddy.

    • admin 02-04-2021

      This shal be a month of breaknig forth! How is ENugu?

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